Founding Partner, Strategic Director

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona). Completed studies by specialising in brand management and the consumer at the Harvard Business School (Boston, USA) and the IESE. Specialises in trend research and has completed studies at the Harvard School of Design (Boston, USA) and the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford in the UK.

Formerly Director of Public Services for Double You and a partner at Toormix.

From 2006 to 2015, Daniel was the director of the first postgraduate course in qualitative research into trends in Spain, at Universitat Ramon Llull. He currently works with the university in the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid.

Daniel is a columnist for the La Vanguardia newspaper. His weekly column on trends has been published continually since 2010.

He has published 4 books on researching trends and how trends affect the way we see the market and the urban space. His most recent book, “El mundo en 25 miradas” was published in 2016.

He is 41 years old and lives between London and Barcelona.

Partner, COO

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Queen’s University of Belfast, BBA from Eserp and with postgraduate studies in Business and Institutional Communications from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Partner at The Hunter, Consultant specialising in strategy and innovation.

Her career has progressed through managing communications and events for companies in the automotive, telecommunications and entertainment sectors, amongst others.

Senior Strategic Consultant

A specialist in communications, Carlos has spent over 5 years working for brands like Coca-Cola, Telefónica, Heineken, Danone and Unilever.

With a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2012, he then specialised with a Masters degree in Communications Management and Direction, Marketing and Publicity from Instituto Europeo di Design and is currently studying a Masters in Sociocultural Analysis with a focus on Sociology and Semiotics, and is basing his dissertation for this on Gender and Brands.

In recent years, Carlos has worked for in-house marketing and communication departments, agencies and production. In 2012 he worked in the Brand and Communications Department of Fundación Telefónica; in early 2015 he worked in the Marketing Department of Group VIPs; and for 2 years he worked in the Content Department of BMC Strategic Innovation as a Project Leader.

Senior Strategic Consultant

With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, she was awarded a grant for PhD and Masters studies in Advertising creativity and Strategy from Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona.

All of her professional life has focused on creating and managing brands, specialising in brand strategy and communication, and she has worked as a Brand Strategist on innovation and branding projects on a global and national level for many brands, including: Actimel, Affinity, Vitalinea, Danone, Bicentury, Nestlé, Bimbo.

A fan of all kinds of sports, from windsurfing to yoga, she is also an avid reader, loves to watch TV series, and she is passionate about travelling the world, finding enchanting new places to explore.

Producer & Executive Assistant

Marta has a degree in Teaching and Pedagogy from the Fundación Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull). She has also completed a diploma course in Public Relations and Communications.

She is experienced in running major events. She previously worked for OBS (Oviedo, Bassat, Sport) in the infrastructure and stage department, responsible for organising the inauguration and closure ceremonies of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

She has also worked in television and publicity, and has managed departments organising corporate productions and events for brands such as Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Fiat, Ferrari, Vodafone, F.C. Barcelona, Roca and the Mobile World Congress, amongst others.

With The Hunter, she has worked on value plans, works plans and project management for brands such as Mahou-San Miguel, Puig and Perrier.


A Business management professional with over 10 years of international experience.

Blanca completed her degree in Economics at Universidad de Barcelona in 2007, before completing two post-graduate courses specialising in business administration and management and business coaching.

In recent years, Blanca has worked for multinationals in a range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, IT, wholesale and distribution, and has worked in a range of cities, including as Madrid, Guatemala and Sydney. She has managed the administrative/financial department at The Hunter since January 2014.

She is 35 years old and lives in Barcelona.

Editorial Manager

Marta has a PhD in Communications, a degree in Geography and History, a degree in Documentation with postgraduate studies in Aesthetics and Art History, and a Masters in Heritage Management.

She is a lecturer in multiple universities and schools, such as Universitat Ramón Llull, where she directs the Masters in Fashion Communication, she teaches in several classes and has been Postgraduate Coordinator for several years: Coolhunting in Qualitative Trend Research; as well as being a lecturer at Bau, Elisava, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad Complutense, Universidad de Sevilla, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and La Llotja.

The educated and considered view she provides with her understanding of the emotional landscape of cities, and the relationship between art and fashion, makes her stand out in her field, and she is a recognised author that has published several books during her professional career.

Creative Director

She currently lives in Barcelona, but she is highly mobile and often moves around. Francesca is a Publicist (having studied at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) who initially worked in Advertising Agencies (Bassat Ogilvy Barcelona) but then decided to move into other sectors (“Documentary Filmmaking” at the Observatorio de Cine Barcelona & “Art Director for Film” at Central Saint Martins, London). She has been a content editor for Tendencias.tv since 2006, the first channel dedicated to urban trends in Spain, which exclusively broadcasts via the internet. Since 2009 she has been the CEO of the company, where they produce innovative content for themselves and work for third parties as a creative agency.

Francesca’s career has continually brought her into direct contact with fresh people in the creative sector, the latest talent and activities and events organised to present, communicate or promote products, brands and spaces. She works with leading names in the sector in a range of different academic programs as a lecturer. She is the co-director of the “Creation and Direction of Fashion Brands” postgraduate course with ES Deign, and “Trend Forecast” at Felicidad Duce. Together with Marta Marin, she coordinates the practical tasks for the Masters in “Communications and fashion” and the “080 Barcelona Fashion” show at Universitat Blanquerna. Francesca also takes part in several educational courses at IDEP and IED. She has also taught two seminars on Innovation and Trends in Mexico City together with CoolhunterMX.

She currently works on the TIPS program on national Spanish television (channel 2) on a weekly basis, on its section focusing on trends.


Research Manager

Expert in Qualitative Research and Urban Ethnography

With a degree in Psychology (UB) and a Masters in Psychosocial Intervention (UB), Silvia is an expert in qualitative research and trends. She currently works for a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors.

She specialised in studying trends in her postgraduate studies in Coolhunting (Universitat Ramon Llull) and in Ethnological Methods (University of Essex), developing an in-depth understanding of the processes of social change and the needs of the consumer/public.

In recent years, she has specialised in subjects related to social and urban change, with academic research in environmental psychology and working as a Masters lecturer at Universitat Ramon Llull on subjects such as gender perspective and sustainability. She has also worked in social design from a Human Centered Design perspective in Southeast Asian countries and belongs to the Discussion, Gender, Culture and Science research group (DIDEGIC) at the University of Girona.

She’s the same age as Star Wars, she’s curious, a feminist, a critic, a relationship anarchist, she lives in Barcelona and does not have (and will never have) any children or cats.

Senior Consultant Expert in alcoholic beverages/refreshments

Sergio Estévez has a degree in Economy and a degree in Law from Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and a Masters in Finances from the IDEC in Barcelona. He is a consultant specialising in developing new products in the food and beverage sector. He is an expert in searching for new trends, applying these trends and developing opportunities and new products to fit consumer demand.

Experienced in consultancy for multinational companies (working in Spain, Belgium and Portugal) and local companies (Spain) for producers and distributors of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and the production of food and related products for their consumption. As an independent expert, he forms part of the international innovation panel for multinational companies.

Continually coming into contact with new products around the world, he takes notes at independent tasting sessions for companies and organisations with a presence in Europe. He holds BJCP certification as a Beer Judge with Recognised ranking and a level 3 diploma from the WSET (Wine and Spirits Educational Trust, in London).

He’s also the author of a book called “Gin-Tonic para Dummies” and a leading blog in the sector of innovation and trends in drinks in Spain, LOCatamos. He has a wealth of experience as a Brand Ambassador and communicator/facilitator, having been involved in over 2,000 tasting sessions, training sessions, workshops, conferences and presentations in Spain and other European countries.