All of our services are tailored and are based on one or more of the approaches we have worked with since 2005.


Definition of the global vision, and the role that innovation plays for the products, services, experiences and channels of brands and organisations.

What use can it be for me?

Find out what innovation is and what it can do for my brand, company and portfolio.

Create the pipeline & the pipeline model.

Find the best fitting innovation model.

Outline insights from trends that can drive action on a local/global level in the short/medium/long term for both existing categories and new opportunities. Ranking of the innovation resulting from this.

What use can it be for me?

Find out what, when and where I can innovate within my brand, company and portfolio using brand intelligence, new intelligence and real consumer requirements.

Fill the pipeline with launches that are coherent with my identity, objectives and requirements.

Global processes for innovating product, service and experience integrating brand strategy, research, expression, communication and support from R&D. Tips and Depths for product, service and experience. Brand story and product story.

What use can it be for me?

Carry out processes for innovation required to launch relevant differentiating offers on the market.

Ensure that the innovation processes involve all players and extract the maximum value from each one.


Creation and construction of brands: identity, personality, look & feel, positioning, territories, imagination, purpose (brand platform). Storytelling, storydoing. Detection and activation of assets. Books. Tips and Depths for product, service and experience.

What use can it be for me?

Understand who, how, where, why and what my brand exists for. Differentiate from competitors.

Provide business opportunities with meaning and relevance.

Create the brand territories that appropriate new features and differentiating offers.

Structure and define the role of brands to efficiently organise and optimise the brand and/or company portfolio.

What use can it be for me?

Organise brand portfolio and define growth criteria from a brand/product/service perspective.

Define pillars and rank them based on value/volume, footprint, channels, audiences, needstates, etc.

Creation of brand heritage: what is it, what role does it play, perspective, objectives and in what way can the history of my brand serve current and future objectives and requirements.

What use can it be for me?

Convert the history of my brand into an asset. Build a story and create relevant and differentiating content that allows me to convert this into products, actions and spaces.

Premiumisaton, renovation, legacy brands, love brands, etc.

Creation and conceptualisation of physical, digital and mental spaces where the brand explains and shares its essence. Conceptualisation of content for points of sale and international spaces. Non places.

What use can it be for me?

Create a brandspace: develop content for brand experience areas, production centres, retail spaces, non places, etc.

Conceptualise showrooms, heritage rooms.

Provide relevant content for events and brand actions.


Comprehensive ad hoc training programs for social, cultural, aesthetic and creative trends.

What use can it be for me?

Train and inspire marketing and communications teams to understand what innovation is, what its value is and how to detect analyse and integrate social, cultural and aesthetic trends from the market.

Workshops and sessions to inspire teams, clients, KOL, influencers, media and consumers.

What use can it be for me?

Inspire and provoke thought, open people’s minds, propose new realities, offers, trends, actions, spaces and decisions that can be appropriated by key teams and audiences.

Strategic scouting where teams can perform on-site testing of innovations in the product, service and experience that are being worked on for key items of the brands and key cities around the world.

What use can it be for me?

See the innovation in real life and in action.

Test the disruptive potential of an innovation once it is in the street.

Draw inspiration from what is happening in advanced, comparative or mature markets.