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Cómo piensa el mundo, by Julian Baggini

06/03/2021| 5 mins

Un paseo por las filosofías del planeta (A Global History of Philosophy)


No of pages: 398
Publisher: Contextos
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9788449335839
Year of publication 2018
Year of original publication 2018
Place of publication Barcelona
Where to buy it: Amazon


In two sentences:

"I do not claim to be fluent in all the forms of thinking I will be introducing you to. In many ways I am helped in this project by not being an expert on every tradition I've looked at"

"Chinese philosophy is profoundly non-dualistic: yin and yang represent two aspects of the same totality, not two things that need to be reconciled"


In 500 characters:

A text that goes through some of the main philosophical currents in a pleasant, relaxed way (but not easy or superficial), with a view that straddles present and future.

Structured by concepts (pragmatism, time, unity, harmony, liberation) and, in turn, large containers based on questions (How do we live? How do we know? How do we see the world?), its approach contrasts with similar texts that cannot avoid making one system or current of thought central, constantly comparing it with others.

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