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Contemporary partnerships as a central generator of equity and business

02/10/2022| Juan Ibañez| 2 min

What is the tension?

Historically, brands have been used to working and cooperating with influencers, celebrities and prescribers, mainly limited to communication and press releases.

However, in our time we have seen a new type of consumer, who is much more concerned about the messages they receive and who is demanding that brands and companies be more honest and transparent about what they create and communicate. It is therefore vital for them to adopt a different approach to the bonds they generate with their external partners and to understand such partnerships no longer as just a discursive tool but as a strategic opportunity to build value, to act and to commit to the future.

This new situation invites them to develop deeper, more honest and less transactional and cosmetic bonds so that the benefits are incorporated through strategy, equity and business. To achieve this, working with partners must be understood as a strategic tool that generates new avenues of business from transferring the values, personality and equity associated with creators and celebrities to brands and vice versa: basically, brand and partner should share and build the same essence that will be the basis of everything they say and do together.

Today it is no longer enough to “rent” a visible and aspirational face that generates traction and endorsement; values and a common approach to commitments and purposes need to be shared. Brands must be able to rethink the criteria with which they choose their partners and the approach and relationship they develop with them (and this is not only limited to the object of this article, which is cooperation between brands and people, but also applies to partnerships between different brands).

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