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Future Luxe, by Erwan Rambourg

07/12/2021| 5 mins

Mapping the future of aspirational and positioning goods and services


No. of pages 258
Publisher: Figure 1
Language English
ISBN(first edition in English): 978-1-77327-126-2
Year of publication 2021
Year of first publication 2021
Place of publication Vancouver (Canada)
Where to buy: Amazon


In three sentences:

«Acquiring a luxury product (…) means becoming part of a tradition that is being reinterpreted and renewed by a creative vision»

«Luxury products are the ultimate purchase for people to wish to announce that they have arrived»

«Being environmentally friendly will be increasingly important to the up-and-coming luxury consumers»


In 300 characters:

An interesting and revealing book to discover possible future avenues for the luxury sector and all the categories that aspire to capture its meaning and value.

Written accurately and concisely (sometimes it seems like a PPT presentation), the most interesting content from the inspirational and strategic viewpoint is in the author’s descriptions of how tensions, needs, motivation, categories and opportunities have changed in the world of luxury and regarding people’s aspirations in general.

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