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Responding to a universal emotion, the key to making brands relevant to people

12/30/2021| Camila Mohr| 2 min

What is the tension?

The pandemic changed the consumer/brand relationship: buying products and “tangible” items in general became irrelevant and how products are presented as part of the construction of individual aspirations changed completely. More than ever, it became essential to connect with emotions and the “intangible” to preserve and develop the relationship between brands and consumers.

Brands discovered that the key Is to promote, respond to and champion a universal emotion that is linked to a perspective emanating directly from the brand’s DNA and expressed in its products.

This places people at the heart of the brand and builds a unique universe around this emotion (its visual identity, its products, and its culture) In order to respond to this universal emotion/tension.

By focusing on an emotion (and not on a product or category) the brand can broaden its focus, moving into a range of businesses, expanding its scope and portfolio to provide a 360º response.

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