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Summer Edition 5/5: Cinco documentales

08/27/2021| Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola| 10 min

Summer puts the need that we assign to many of our brands to the forefront: unwind. We take a break (do a KitKat) for a few weeks – which is what we all aspire to: to see our product lending its name to a consumption moment, we disconnect from everything and, if you are a member of The Catch, take advantage of it to recharge the inspirational batteries.

Here is The Catch: Summer Edition, a series of five entries in which we will recommend a variety of content to feed your curiosity over the summer.

Rest, enjoy, explore. Happy summer!

Why these documentaries?

We are finishing our summer series by recommending five documentaries that act as witnesses to the exciting and inspirational nature the genre has always had and that in recent years has gained a new and increasingly prominent presence thanks to digital platforms.

The selected documentaries are all different approaches to fly on the wall, with more or less unlimited access to the creation and conceptualisation processes. They are the documentary equivalent to series about doctors or lawyers.

  1. The September Issue (Filmin, R.J. Cutler, 2009)
  2. Signé Chanel (Arte, Loïc Prigent, 2005)
  3. Page One: A year in the New York Times (Andrew Rossi, 2017)
  4. Medulla: The Inner o Deep Part of an Animal or Plant Structure (Youtube, Ragnheidur Gestsdottir, 2004)
  5. The Lady and the Dale (HBO, Nick Cammilleri, Zachary Drucker, 2021)

Where can I find out more?

  1. See beyond the story: in these documentaries, the really interesting thing is not what the creators or artists want to explain to you, but the context in which it happens. That is, to see the studios, offices, homes, commutes… where you can perceive the inspiration process and the more or less hyperbolic everyday life of the creators.
  2. Intentionality of the documentary: nobody gives apparently free access to their day-to-day work unless they want to sell or justify something. It is exciting to dissect the script and staging of these documentaries to understand what the real message behind them is. It may be teamwork, the creator’s genius, professionalism taken to impossible extremes… All use these documentaries as part of their PR strategy.
  3. Inspire your launches: whatever your brand, the meetings, workshops and presentations at the office, with agencies, colleagues and the competition could certainly be the subject of an inspiring narrative in episodes. What are you waiting for? J

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