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Summer Homework 1/5: Five movie credit titles

07/23/2021| Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola| 10 min

Summer puts the need that we assign to many of our brands to the forefront: unwind. We take a break (do a KitKat) for a few weeks – which is what we all aspire to: to see our product lending its name to a consumption moment, we disconnect from everything and, if you are a member of The Catch, take advantage of it to recharge the inspirational batteries.

Here is The Catch: Summer Edition, a series of five entries in which we will recommend a variety of content to feed your curiosity over the summer.

Rest, enjoy, explore. Happy summer!


Why movie credit titles?

If we think about the film poster as the primary packaging, the credits are the product’s unboxing. You have already bought it and this part, if done well, presents you with the film’s mood, tone and point of view. It can advance or amplify the plot, or it may surprise you because of being a pure audiovisual design exercise using different techniques.

Whatever the case may be, its role as a key tool in building the proposal is often underrated, as happens with unboxing and the start of the relationship with the object or service. Who hasn’t found beautiful objects with manufacturer labels attached that don’t come off cleanly?

Here are five memorable examples of credits that marked a milestone in the discipline and that can inspire us when we consider the strategic role that experience with the product has, once the consumer has acquired it and before they start using it.

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