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The New Yorker

03/18/2021| 5 min

What sectors it covers:

Content on culture, reviews and society focused on the city of New York City.

Why I should read it:

This weekly magazine, which is about to mark its hundredth anniversary, is characterised by being one of these apparently obsolete publications that have acquired a certain cultural prestige.

Its desire to stay practically the same as when it started has today made it into a challenger of the present-day custom of consuming content. The weekly magazine is proud of the fact it doesn’t feature a photograph on the front cover, opting for the humour and illustration of its pages, and above all, publishing lengthy articles not necessarily connected to current affairs.

Integrated into the Condé Nast publishing group, the magazine portrays an air of moral and intellectual superiority and is proud of not being accessible to all audiences or covering a specific area of current affairs. Its cornucopia of topics obliges you to rely on its ‘curatorial’ role and ability to select topics that are only relevant when facing them on the pages of the magazine.

In all, The New Yorker, is a status symbol for its readers and for those who walk around with the branded canvas tote bag that comes free when you subscribe to it.

How often to read it:

The perfect option is to subscribe to the magazine and “treat yourself” to some dedicated time each week to explore the contents in depth, and with an open mind. But if one lives in the real world, it is sufficient to subscribe to the weekly newsletter and glance over the content published on its website.

How long to spend reading it:

The newsletter arrives punctually, early on Tuesday mornings. Allow yourself ten minutes on Tuesday morning to know before everyone else what’s going to be featured on the culture pages from the endless cultural listings that appear in the magazine.

How to read it:

The New Yorker inspires our strategy in four main areas:

  1. The weekly magazine is one of the main sources of content for new TV series and films. Its essays work as the prelude for what will end up becoming prestigious audiovisual streaming content.
  2. Its editorial criteria go way beyond the content. The weekly publication is an indispensable source for discovering new designers, illustrators and cartoonists.
  3. The magazine is fiercely proud of its past, although the truth is there are certain periods of its past that are not so illustrious and are not spoken of. As with all Condé Nast publications, it cements its status as a cultural benchmark by extending its presence beyond the magazine to books and posters, etc. Any singular aspect of the magazine is elevated to the condition of Premium intellectual gift.
  4. Lastly, the contents are incredibly inspirational if you have the time and are in the right frame of mind to delve inside its pages. It is a great source for finding new points of view on topics that are well-covered by the conventional media: gastronomy, art, science…


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