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04/08/2021| 5 min

What sectors does it cover?

Culture, ideas, politics, entertainment.

Why should I check it?

Slate is the information paradise of millennials. If you have ever wondered what interests this generation and how they want to be informed, this is your source.

Slate’s mix of information and current affairs with informal, lifestyle and self-help content —with a special emphasis on all kinds of lifestyles self-proclaimed to be outside the mainstream— is built with surgical precision.

Unlike other media that combine information with lifestyle, Slate invests heavily in investigative journalism and does so in a unique way, making it very clear who its audience is and how they consume content. It is especially interesting to compare this medium with other general news media to understand how to be empathetic with a target using their codes and expressions, without losing rigour or professionalism along the way.

It is worth paying special attention to its podcasts, both for the selection of content and in terms of the rhythm and format.

How often should I check it?

Once a week should be enough. You should go through the content (pay attention to the content presentation algorithm to make sure you can see all the information), and it is advisable to subscribe to the podcasts, especially “Spoiler Specials”, “Culture” and “Outward”.

How long should I spend on it?

Reviewing the content and focusing on the most inspirational pieces should not take more than 10 minutes a week.

How to read it:

Slate inspires our strategy in four main areas:

  1. It knows exactly how to talk to a target without losing rigour or professionalism. Reading its articles is the fastest and most convenient way to know how millennials who consider themselves to be informed and independent speak.
  2. Aware that much of its audience is in the big cities, it is interesting to see how Slate covers the challenges of urban planning, commuting and life in the city.
  3. As it is not a “legacy” medium, it does not tend to quote itself, which means that its approach is always fresh and based on immediacy, using a tone we do not usually read in the media.
  4. Like most media that offers digital content for free, Slate is building its paid product. It is very interesting to see what benefits it offers, in terms of advertising, access and exclusive content.


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