Our unique combination of inspiration, strategy, innovation, and acceleration helps to define our clients’ goals, decisions, and actions.

We provide strategic experience, proactiveness, proximity, rigor, dynamism, and confidence to help companies and brands make decisions that help boost their social, economic, environmental, and creative growth.

We started in 2009 because of the vision of two partners, Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola and Alexandra López, for analyzing, sharing and capitalizing on the social, cultural and aesthetic changes in the market.

From our base in Barcelona, ​​and with a hub in London, we have a global footprint and have completed over 200 projects around the world. We combine the experience of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of strategists, consultants, futurists, analysts and creatives.

We lead and manage new projects, collaborate with our clients’ usual partners and improve existing projects.



Bachelor of Audiovisual Communication from Ramon Llull University (Barcelona) completed his studies in brand and consumer management at Harvard Business School (Boston, USA) and IESE.

Since 2005 he is founder and Strategic Director of The Hunter, the first consultancy in Spain that combines research on market and consumer trends together with marketing and innovation strategy.
From 2006 and until 2015, Daniel was director of the first postgraduate degree in qualitative trend research at the Ramon Llull University (Barcelona).

Daniel has been a columnist in La Vanguardia until 2019, throughout his career he has been a contributor and an opinion reference in television, radio and press programs both general and specialized. He has been giving lectures and training programs for more than a decade.
He has published 4 books on trend research and ways in which trends affect the way we view the market and urban space. He is 47 years old and lives between London and Barcelona.


With a degree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations by ESERP (Barcelona) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) by The Queen's University (United Kingdom), she completed her communication training by taking a Postgraduate degree in Business and Institutional Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Throughout his professional career he has worked as Communication Manager in sectors such as automotive (IDIADA), institutional (Barcelona Port Authority), advertising and events (Compañía de actos singulares - SONO) or telecommunications (Cable i Televisió de Catalunya/Menta).
In 2001 and until 2004 he worked with the film director and multidisciplinary artist Bigas Luna, launching his consultancy Plattform BL, managing his personal brand and projects of brand consulting and performing arts.

Later she joined the Apple Tree Communications management team as a partner, serving as Events Division Director until 2009.
Since 2009 she has been a partner and executive director of The Hunter, the first consultancy in Spain that combines research on market and consumer trends together with marketing and innovation strategy.

Throughout her career she has been a guest professor at various master's and postgraduate courses in business schools and universities. He is 50 years old and lives in Sitges (Barcelona).