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Summer Edition 2/5: Five books

07/30/2021| Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola| 10 min

Summer puts the need that we assign to many of our brands to the forefront: unwind. We take a break (do a KitKat) for a few weeks – which is what we all aspire to: to see our product lending its name to a consumption moment, we disconnect from everything and, if you are a member of The Catch, take advantage of it to recharge the inspirational batteries.

Here is The Catch: Summer Edition, a series of five entries in which we will recommend a variety of content to feed your curiosity over the summer.

Rest, enjoy, explore. Happy summer!

Why these essays?

Since we started The Catch, we have wanted to recommend texts that inspire our strategy. In fact, these entries are among the most visited content. For the summer, we have selected five essays that amplify any summer break.

These are texts that tell us about the truth of the product in a unique, subjective way, putting passion and dedication into it. They raise the excellence in the sector they discuss using resources that give new dimensions and emotional depth to ceramics, cooking, perfume, architecture and gardening. They help us see that the intrinsic side of our product, far from being boring or technical, can acquire the same importance as the most emotional and lifestyle extrinsic narratives.

  1. The eyes of the skin (Juhani Pallasmaa, 1996)
  2. Journal d’un parfumeur (Jean-Claude Ellena, 2011)
  3. Breve historia del jardín (Gilles Clement, 2011)
  4. Jerusalem (Yotam Ottolenghi, 2012)
  5. The white road (Edmund de Waal, 2016)

Where can I find out more?

Besides seeing time fly by with these wonders for our imagination and delight, it is interesting to focus on:

  1. Subjective passion: if there is something common to the five texts, it is the passion that comes off the page. Their passion for the profession captures you regardless of whether it is discussing a pasta dish or how to select the best jasmines in Grasse. If there is passion, the object of the passion is just as important as the person who projects it and how they do so.
  2. New dimensions to disciplines: no one who reads Ellena will undertake the purchase of a perfume again just because of the unconsummated seduction extrinsic offered by the world of mainstream Similarly, reading Pallasmaa helps you see the space around you better and extract stories and points of interest from it. They all inspire us to look for new angles to talk about the truth of our products.
  3. Share: the five essays triumph because they don’t treat the reader as an insider or expert. On the contrary, they generously invite them to share their day-to-day life, education, point of view, interests and challenges. Each with their own style and way of looking at the world, but all make the plural experience a clear goal when writing these wonderful essays.

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