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The Art of Successful Brand Collaborations, by G. Michel y R. Willing

05/21/2021| 5 mins

Directory of contemporary inspiration

Nº of pages: 285
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
ISBN: 9781138499607
Year of publication: 2020
Year of original publication: 2020
Place of publication: New York
Where to buy: Routledge

In two sentences:

«Brand collaboration success depends upon the authenticity of the collaboration»

«It is not necessary to choose an artist who shares the brand’s values -rather choose an artist who creates more than a new packaging, choose an artist who goes beyond the product and the brand values to create new ideas»

In less than 500 characters:

The leading directory to find examples of the what, why, how, when and where of partnerships between brands and all types of agents (artists, designers, museums, causes, other brands, science, etc.).

Published by Routledge, written by professionals and academics, and published in 2020 focused on the most current collaborations: perfect credentials.

Why I should read it:

Apart from reading it in its entirety, this text must be the beginning of inspiration processes when companies and brands consider addressing one of the most relevant topics for consumers and other stakeholders.

Collaboration is built up as a synergy that evolves over time, which must be positive for everyone and which, if done well, can help connect with new audiences, rejuvenate the brand, extend its credibility and solidify its truth, among other benefits.

Collaborations no longer just belong to the fashion and Premium industries, but, as this book illustrates, they penetrate all sectors, acquiring many forms and with diverse objectives.

The text works as a comprehensive directory that inspires, helps and strengthens our strategic and innovation processes.

6 Stimulating ideas:

  1. The text is interspersed with in-depth interviews. Unlike the “victory laps” found in specialized magazines, these conversations are a great opportunity to understand the background behind known and unknown collaborations.
  2. The text is written by professionals and academics, and this has a positive effect on the work. Its rigour helps contextualize and know what to expect from collaborations. It reveals the reality of brands and organizations. Routledge, the publisher of the text, sometimes tends to be somewhat abstract. This is not the case with this book.
  3. Structured around different types of collaborators (people, brands, causes, etc.), the book helps to extract the essence behind each of them. In addition, it does not shy away from giving advice and preventing possible mistakes and obstacles in the process of designing/executing a collaboration.
  4. The text approaches the content from a marketing and innovation management point of view (as they proudly claim throughout the book). This approach is particularly relevant when establishing internal processes and with collaborators. The book also includes an implementation guide.
  5. The book is based on case studies and examples to illustrate strategic reflections of great depth and interest. This is particularly relevant in the second half of the book.
  6. Finally, the work highlights the importance of placing the collaboration at the centre of equity and profit Therefore, it does not hesitate to place the value of the collaboration at the centre of the analysis of key aspects for brands such as their legacy, product truth and point of view/contribution in categories/targets.

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