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Elogio de la sombra / In Praise of Shadows, by Yun’ichiro Tanizaki

03/25/2021| 5 mins

Learning from subtlety


No. of pages: 95
Publisher; Siruela (Biblioteca de Ensayo)
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9788478442584
Year of release: 1994
Year of original publication: 1933
Place of publication: Madrid
Where to buy: Fnac


In two sentences:

"Had we invented the phonograph and the radio, how much more faithfully they would reproduce the special character of our voices and our music"

"The prerequisites are a degree of dimness, absolute cleanliness, and quiet so complete one can hear the hum of a mosquito"


In 500 characters:

A journey through Japanese culture and character of the 1930s that shows, as much as it hides, the aspects that define the aesthetics not only of that country but of the whole world.

Meandering through various aspects of everyday Japanese life, Tanizaki reveals a world that is as new as it is known, as specific as it is universal.

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